Central Asian Commentary: Genesis 12-50

Genesis 12-50

Historical Setting

The Greek word 'Genesis' means 'beginnings' and we see many things begin in this first book of Holy Scripture. In chapter 1-11 we see the beginning of life itself, the universe, the human race, even sin and suffering. The Good News of Salvation begins in Genesis too - the GOD who is our Creator and Judge is also a Savior. 

Blair's Ideals and Expectations in Theological Studies


    The purpose of this paper is to help students; (1) to understand my "ideals" as a theologian, and (2) to know my expectations as a teacher. These thoughts do not claim to be a statement for Bishop Tucker Theological College, merely the viewpoint of one teacher. Certain statements may contradict the ideas of my colleagues. In sharing these thoughts I welcome criticism. I want to learn, from students and colleagues, about how to be a better teacher and especially a more faithful disciple of our Lord. 

Women in Ministry 1 Timothy 2

Heavenly Father, we thank you so much for our time of worship today. What beautiful songs we have lifted up to your great and glorious name. We pray now that as we turn to your Word, you will open our hearts and our minds. I pray, Father, that the words of my mouth and the meditations of our hearts together will be acceptable in your sight, our rock and our redeemer. Amen.

Preaching in an International Church

Having served in just two of the more than one thousand international churches does not qualify me as an authority on I.C.s; and falling short of my hopes in almost every sermon I’ve preached does not make me an expert pulpiteer! But I am an eager learner – ever desiring to more faithfully proclaim the Lord and His Word. I think preaching in an international church, as in many other aspects of our ministry, is “the same but different” than what we know from our homelands.

Music and Worship Ideals

We are a people moving toward a glorious goal. Someday we will gather with people from every nation, language, tribe, and culture to endlessly worship the Lord Jesus Christ. In this awesome gathering our praises will retain their cultural and linguistic distinctives – it will not be a gathering of ‘the vanilla.’ We will be ‘perfect’ Africans, Asians, Americans…. We will hear the truly ‘Greatest Hits’ from every nation! Best of all we will understand and appreciate it all. No confusion of tongues, no ‘taste’ differences, and no ‘volume’ wars. There we will be fully redeemed and cleansed from all of our sins, prejudices, and imperfections. Jesus will receive all glory and in that we will find unbounded joy.

Introduction to Ecclesiastes

Ecclesiastes is perhaps the most unusual book in the Bible. Non-Christian religions, and groups outside the bounds of orthodox Christianity, base some weird teachings on their views of this book. Both Jewish and Christian scholars have questioned why this book is included in the canon (authorized collection) of Holy Scripture. There are different interpretations of this book among Bible believers; in this paper I present my views on Ecclesiastes for your reflection.

Concentric Circles and Cross-References in Communicating Scripture

As you work with the Biblical text for your message, consider the concentric circles of truth around it. Our starting point is our chosen text, then we can  work our way out to the wider Bible. Let’s say you are choosing preach from Ephesians 2.1 -10. Your first place to understand any part of that passage is right in 10. Your first place to understand any part of that passage is right in those verses. Notice that both vs. 2 and 10 talk about walking, what is the different? Both vs. 5 and 8 say saved by grace, how are they different/the same? Dig into that text to find the primary meaning.

Baptism in the International Church

Uniqueness of an International Church

An international church is different from the situations in our home countries. In our home countries, individuals may join together with others who share similar viewpoints on most matters of faith and practice. In an international church, we function as a community for all genuine Christians to gather for worship, fellowship, teaching, service and ministry, to grow in our knowledge of and likeness to Christ, and to go out to serve. We focus on the most essential issues of faith and practice, allowing latitude in less essential areas. We need a vigorous faith, adopting rigorous standards of study and interpretation, and yet allowing flexible practice in non-essential matters.

A Brief Look at Christian Baptism

The Risen Lord Jesus Christ commands His followers to be baptized. Through this symbolic act the believer is identified with the Lord and His Church. Baptism is a symbol of new life in Christ, a seal of the covenant of grace, and a sign of the forgiveness of sins. Water is an outward symbol for the inward work of the Holy Spirit. Baptism is for those who have repented and believed on the Lord Jesus.

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