Titles Scriptures Sermon Notes Outline Audio
The Birth of Jesus: Savior of the World
Born a King Psalm 110 Download Download Download
Born a Priest Genesis 14:17-20 Download Download Download
Advent Message 1 Timothy 3:16 Download Download Download
Born a Warrior Psalm 110:5-7 Download Download Download
"Four 'R`s' of Christmas" Matthew 1:18-25 Download   N/A
"Ancient Majesty" Micah 5:1-5a Download   N/A
"Who is Jesus?" John 1:1 Download   Download
"Jesus is Life" John 1:1-5 Processing   Download
"Jesus is Light" John 1:5-12 Download   Download
"The Whole Christ" 1 Corinthians 1:26-2:2  Download   Download
Apostle's Creed:
1. Why a Creed Deuteronomy 6:1-9  Download   N/A
2. The Father Almighty Romans 8:14-17 Download   N/A
3. And in Jesus Christ John 10:22-38 Download   N/A
4. Our Lord Philippians 2:5-11 Download   N/A
5. Suffered under Pontius Pilate Mark 15:1-15 Download   N/A
6. Dead and Buried Descended into Hell John 19:28-42 Download   N/A
7. A Man on the Throne Genesis 41/Hebrews 7:23-8:1 Download   N/A
8. He will come again to judge Revelation 20:11-15 Download   N/A
9. Holy Catholic Church John 17:13-26 Download   N/A
10. Forgiveness of Sins Luke 19:1-10 Download   N/A
11. Life Everlasting Genesis 3:22-24/Revelation 22 Download   N/A
Hope for the Family:
Hope for the Family Titus Download   N/A
Christian Marriage  Genesis 2 / Ephesians 5 Download   N/A
"The Tragedy of Divorce"  Matthew 19: 1-12 Download   N/A
"God Child Care Program" Deuteronomy 6  Download   N/A
"God and Our Family" Selected Scriptures Download   N/A
"Jesus and Women" Luke 7:36-8:3 Download   N/A
Widowhood: From Sorrow to Service Selected Scriptures Download   N/A
Gift of Sex Selected Scriptures Download   N/A
Learning Contentment in Christ Philippians 4:10-20 Download   N/A
"The Virtuous Woman" Proverbs 31:10-31 Download   N/A
Random Topics:
"GOD's Saving Power" 1 Corinthians 1:18-2:5 Download    N/A
"A Man in Heaven" Luke 24:36-53 Download   N/A
"Gospel Barriers and Bridges" Acts 14:8-23 Download   Download
"Hearing the Word of God" translation into Luganda-Uganda  Nehemiah 8 Processing   Download
"Christian Response to Authority" Explo 1985 Makerere University, Uganda Selected Scriptures Processing   Download
Radio Report on Mission to Uganda to Hilo, Hawaii N/A Processing   Download
Not Again  Genesis 20 Processing   Download
The Finished Work of Christ Romans 1-3 Download   N/A
The Unfinished Work of Christ Acts 20:17-38 Download   N/A
Taking a Stand Daniel 3 Download   N/A 
Nebuchadnezzar's Infomercial Daniel 4 Download   N/A
Gospel and Politics Selected Scriptures Download   N/A
"Might Does Not Make Right" John 18:28-19:16 Download   N/A
Right in Your Own Eyes" Judges Download   N/A
"GOD and Caesar" Matthew 22:15-22 Download   N/A
"What's a Government for?" Romans 13:1-7 Download   N/A
Church of Antioch: The Church that God Can Use
1. "No Fear of the Big 'C' " Acts 6:8-7:60 Download    N/A 
2. Antioch - A Church on the Move  Acts 11:19-30; 12:25-13:4 Download    N/A
3. Gossiping the Gospel Acts 11:19-21 Download    N/A
4. "Encouraging Each Other" Acts 11:19-26 Download    N/A 
5. "We Need More F.A.T.S.O.S." Acts 11:25-26 Download    N/A 
6. "Caring Enough to Give" Acts 11:27-30 Download    N/A 
7. "Enemies of the World" Acts 12:1-25 Download   N/A 
8. "Diverse Leaders United" Acts 13:1 / Romans 12:3-16 Download    N/A 
9. The Sending Spirit Acts 13:1-4 Download    N/A 
10. "Dynamic Worship" Acts 13:2 / Revelation 5 Download    N/A 
11. "Committed to Missions" Acts 13:3 / John 3-8 Download    N/A 
10 Timeless Words: God's Commandments
10 Timeless Words: Introduction Selected Scriptures  Download   N/A
1st Commandment: "Get God Right"  Exodus 20:1-3 Download    N/A 
2nd Commandment: "Right God, Right Worship" Exodus 20:4-7 Download   N/A
3rd Commandment: "Honor the Name" Selected Scriptures Download   N/A
4th Commandment: "Sabbath Rest in Jesus" Selected Scriptures Download   N/A
5th Commandment: "Honor the Heavies" Selected Scriptures Download   N/A
6th Commandment: "People of Life" Exodus 20:13 Download   N/A
7th Commandment: "No More Shame" Selected Scriptures Download   N/A
8th Commandment: "What's Mine is God's, What's God's is Mine" Exodus 20:15 Download   N/A
9th Commandment: "The Power of Words" Selected Scriptures Download   N/A
10th Commandment: "The Heart of the Law" Exodus 20:17 Download   N/A
Uganda Christian University Missions & Ministry Conference: "Extending God's Kingdom" - June 2011
Extending God's Kingdom: Our Mission Acts 11:19-30;12:25-13:4 Download   Download 
The Missionary Heart of God  Jonah 1  Download   Download
The Necessity of Extending God's Kingdom Jonah 2 Download   Processing
Offering Jesus to a Secular World: Challenges and Opportunities  Jonah 3 Download   Download
The Challenges of Being a Missionary: How do you Cope? Jonah 4 Download   Processing
Jonah the Reluctant Missionary   Processing   Download
God's Call to Mission   Processing   Download
Your Work Place: A Platform for Extending God's Kingdom Colossians 3:22-4:1 Download   Processing
"Discerning God's Call for Missionary Work" 1 Kings 22:1-28 Download   Download
The Role of a Christian University in God's Mission: The Truth in Jesus Selected Scriptures Download   Processing
Global Trends in Mission: What is the Role of the African Church? Selected Scriptures  Download   Processing