Preaching in an International Church

Having served in just two of the more than one thousand international churches does not qualify me as an authority on I.C.s; and falling short of my hopes in almost every sermon I’ve preached does not make me an expert pulpiteer! But I am an eager learner – ever desiring to more faithfully proclaim the Lord and His Word. I think preaching in an international church, as in many other aspects of our ministry, is “the same but different” than what we know from our homelands.

The Lord and His Word are Eternal and Unchanging

So, every Gospel messenger has a global relevance. And the craft of preaching -- both a science and an art – has much in common wherever the Word is faithfully exposited. Along this line there are many good books to aid us in our calling. Authors like John Stott, Bryan Chapell, D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, and Edmund Clowney top my list. We all have our favorite homiletics mentors. But the focus of this writing is not the general task of preaching, it is the unique opportunity we have as preachers in the international church.


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