Six Keys to Understanding the Apocalypse

I know a number of Christians from many places who fear the book of Revelation. Some fear the message. It can be scary! They do not want to think about a grim future, especially for loved ones who do not know Jesus. Others fear the style of the book. It is weird! What are we supposed to do with all those beasts and plagues? Some fear they are just not going to understand it anyway. Thus, many Christians have chosen the easy path of leaving that book in the back of their Bibles unopened.

Christian Television

A Brother from East Africa asked for my advice about him trying to create a Christian TV Station….

Thank you for trusting me to answer the question about Christian television. I actually have very strong opinions about it!

First let me say that God is using all kinds of people and ministries – even when they are deeply flawed – because He so much wants people to come to Him and enter His Kingdom. So there ARE people who meet Jesus and grow in Jesus through TV.

BICF Child Dedication Booklet 2015 (English and Mandarin)

A Letter to Parents about your Child’s Spiritual Needs

We rejoice with you in the gift of your child. We are especially happy that you are concerned about the spiritual well-being of your child. We share your concern.

Jesus loves your Child…and so do we!

What is the proper way for your child to “come to Jesus” for His blessing? What role do you as parents have in bringing them?

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