A Book with a Big Answer

This morning we’ll hear a message from an ancient story. Job was a contemporary of Abraham, perhaps even older! Our eternal God inspired a timeless message in this poetic masterpiece. Read it again this week. Job, a man of faith and favor, is slammed by horrible disasters. His “friends” ponder which of his flaws provoked his calamity. Job pleads innocence. All of them are then silenced by God’s interrogation. “Where were you chumps?!...You guys with the answers, I have a few questions for you.” It’s a pop-quiz on Biology from the Creator of the Universe! In one sense, God’s unanswerable questions do not answer Job’s questions. But they declare He IS the answer. Today as then, if your problems are big, your God is small. But knowing a big God can make problems – even big ones! – sink insignificantly in the sea of His glory.