Six Keys to Understanding the Apocalypse

I know a number of Christians from many places who fear the book of Revelation. Some fear the message. It can be scary! They do not want to think about a grim future, especially for loved ones who do not know Jesus. Others fear the style of the book. It is weird! What are we supposed to do with all those beasts and plagues? Some fear they are just not going to understand it anyway. Thus, many Christians have chosen the easy path of leaving that book in the back of their Bibles unopened.

That was me too! I did not understand it, and did not take the time to try. There are so many other ‘simple’ books of the Bible to preach! Then I dared to preach Revelation. It was wonderful for me…and I hope for a few of my listeners! I have preached through Revelation in two different international churches comprised of folks from many nations and denominations. God kept us united and praising the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb. I was extremely encouraged in my faith. By the grace of God, we gained a deeper hope, confidence, and joy in our glorious Lord Jesus. As we now study Revelation in BICF ZGC, I want to share six truths that have helped me understand the book. I pray my thoughts about John’s vision will be faithful to the meaning of its divine Author.


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