Genesis 3.24 - “So, you Wanna go Back to Egypt?”

Genesis 3.24 - “So, you Wanna go Back to Egypt?...”

Wanna just get on a plane and fly home!? I feel your pain. Why do things have to change? Why do I have to change? Remember the cherubim with their flaming swords (Genesis 3.24) on Eden-blocking enforcement?  Of course, our fallen parents wanted a return to the ‘good old days’ with free access to the Tree of Life – all good with God, man, themselves, and their world! But their rebellion torched those treasures. Mercifully, we can get back to the Garden through the cross-work of Jesus (Revelation 22.2). But before we will have that grand apple-eat along the river of life with the Lover of our Souls, we must journey with Him through the challenges and changes of life. Growing does hurt, but it can “yield the peaceful fruit of righteousness” (Hebrews 12.11). He alone never changes, everything else surely will!