Proverbs 3.4,5 - In the Center of God’s Will

Proverbs 3.4,5 - In the Center of God’s Will?

Bert was a dear saint in our church in Hawaii. Once he tearfully shared how he ‘missed’ God’s will by going into business and not ‘full time’ ministry. Yet many of us appreciated his ‘ministry’ in his business and the church. But he carried the pain of being ‘outside the center’ of God’s will. This false guilt came from unbiblical teaching! God’s will is not just a ‘tiny dot’ but a ‘wide circle’ of many opportunities and choices in life which can be faithful to Scripture, pleasing to God, and happy for us. God is pleased for us to choose from the abundance of options He gives. Once we make our choice – job, school, spouse, career, friends, etc. – we must honor the Lord by obeying His Word as Paul does in Acts. I recommend the excellent book; ‘Decision Making and the Will of God’ by Garry Friesen (Multnomah) – it’s in our ZGC library.