Luke 4.18 - Proclaim Liberty for the Captives

Luke 4.18 - Proclaim Liberty for the Captives…really!!?

There are 21 to 36 million people in slavery today, more than at any other time in human history. Economic collapse and social upheaval have fueled the resurgence of slavery. Child soldiers, sex slaves, prisoners of war, refugees, economic debtors are trapped in this hideous web. And they are cheap! A slave in the American South in 1850 averaged $40,000 in today’s money; today slaves average $90!  Their abundant “supply” means that when they become troublesome or no longer useful they’re dumped or killed. Slaves are found globally, including 90 cities in the USA.  Jesus mission still is urgent, “to proclaim good news to the poor…liberty to the captives…to set at liberty those who are oppressed” (Luke 4.18). Much good has been done in the last 20 years by the International Justice Mission They report 4,376 rescued in 2014. See also, and