1 Timothy 3.8-13 - What is a Deacon?

1 Timothy 3.8-13  - What is a Deacon?

“Deacon” means "servant." Yet, the bar of expectation is set high – leaders with moral purity, spiritual maturity, a good example in family and community, doctrinally strong, and handles money responsibly. Men and women can be Deacons (1 Timothy 3.11 can mean both ‘wives’ and ‘women’, Romans 16.1). Their origin is the appointment of the seven ‘servants’ (Acts 6). Their exact duties are not narrowly defined in Scripture. In BICF ZGC, Deacons are the church's ministers of mercy, the go-to team to help those in need. They are our primary eyes and ears to the hurts of our congregation and beyond – mobilizing us all to action.  Deacons assist the Elders (entrusted to shepherd by ministering the Apostle’s Word) and lead us in mission. So, Deacons and Elders work closely together as Mission and Mercy maintain the right balance of “Kingdom-outreach” – sharing Jesus in both word and deed.