1 Timothy 6.17 - "Hey Rich Guy!!"

1 Timothy 6.17 - “Hey Rich Guy!!”

If I heard that shouted my way I’d not likely turn my head. But in truth all of us that jetted here landed in the upper echelons of our nation’s financial ladder. So, Paul’s charge to the rich in 1 Timothy 6 applies to us. These are just a few of the many Bible verses about money. Nowhere is it called sinful. It can be used sinfully, but it is a neutral tool of commerce – for good or ill. Neither does it make us special. The world worships the rich. God says they’re blessed, given unique opportunities to steward their resources for His Kingdom, and must worship God alone. Never does God teach that money brings satisfaction. Again, this is hugely counter-cultural! The world shouts, “Joy is just beyond your next purchase.” But the global landscape is cluttered with many heartbroken hoarders. Joy is free of charge in Jesus.