"Dead Disciples" Acts 5.1-14

“Dead Disciples” Acts 5.1-14

“The Acts of the Exalted Jesus done in the Power of the Holy Spirit through His Apostolic Church”

The book of Acts...is a kind of vast treasure.  John Calvin

It is the most lyrical of books…Live in that book, I exhort you: it is a tonic, the greatest tonic I know of in the realm of the Spirit.  David Martyn Lloyd-Jones

There is nothing today’s church needs so much as to rediscover the doctrine, spirit, and commitments of the early Christian community.  James Boice
It’s not the sixteenth century gospel I’m interested in defending; what concerns me is the first-century gospel…The reason for the outpouring of the Spirit is not to make us feel spiritual. It is not to give us a spiritual high. It is so we can do the job that Jesus gave the church to do.  R.C. Sproul
A Birth Record, Not a Blueprint

Tendency to romanticize the Early Church, some nostalgically call it the ‘real’ church!

But, sadly, Acts reveals a church with rivalries, hypocrisy, immorality, failures, and heresies

Acts records the birth of the Church, but it is not an exact blueprint for today’s Church

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