Baptism in the International Church


A Statement from the Elders of BICF ZGC

An International Church Perspective

March 2012

Uniqueness of an International Church

An international church is different from the situation in our home countries. In our home countries, individuals may join together with others who share similar viewpoints on most matters of faith and practice. In an international church, we function as a community for all genuine Christians to gather for worship, fellowship, teaching, service and ministry, to grow in our knowledge of and likeness to Christ, and to go out to serve. We focus on the most essential issues of faith and practice, allowing latitude in less essential areas. We need a vigorous faith, adopting rigorous standards of study and interpretation, and yet allowing flexible practice in non-essential matters.

The leadership of an international Christian fellowship must decide, under the Holy Spirit's direction and in an atmosphere of mutual love and respect for the body, the bride of Christ, what are the essential issues of faith and practice. 


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