Pre-Marital Counseling Requirements & Questionaire

What We Believe

Marriage is one of the most important commitments a person can make. Second only to your decision to follow Christ, marriage will have a great impact on your life, your family, your friends, and your future. We all know the sad fact that many marriages are failing in our time. One reason is because far too many churches have failed to recognize their responsibility to properly equip people to enter marriage. We want, with God's help, to help you as much as we can to be ready to marry. Performing wedding ceremonies is our choice: it is not something we are obligated to do. This means if we feel you and your fiance are not ready, or should not be married for any reason, we will decline to perform your wedding. In Christian marriage, you are making a vow to God to fulfill all that He requires for marriage as outlined in the Bible. Because of the great significance and importance of the marriage vows, all parties should approach marriage prayerfully, patiently, and honesty. Because we love the Lord and you, we want His best and your best.

What We Require

There are two situations in which we will automatically refuse to perform your wedding or begin pre-marriage counseling.

The first:


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