John 1.5 - Here we are for Better or Worse

John 1.5 - Here we are for Better or Worse….

As you sit here in Beijing, some would say you are part of the problem. You are one of the thousands who have streamed into this choking mega-city. In every nation villagers pour into cities. God commanded mankind to cover the whole earth, but we have chosen to crowd a few hi-priced spots – especially those with fast wi-fi and Starbucks. But as you sit here you can be part of the solution too. Because God’s primary concern is not where we live, it is why we live. The worst part of urbanization is its godless secularism. You as Christ’s ambassador can strike a match to chase the darkness from every foul corner of this city. Your passion for Jesus and zeal for the advance of His Kingdom should dictate where you live, what you do, and who you are. Don’t just take up space, declare His glory!