John 4.14 - The Basics

John 4.14 - The Basics

A young man I saw this week at the hospital could have been plucked from among the cool, handsome, guys of ZGC. But this was not his best day - ashen skin, gaunt body, grim face. As I prayed for him I thought, “What does he need most?” A miracle? That would be awesome! Yet Jesus has great news for people who keep on getting sick, and hungry, and thirsty until their last day.

A ‘new birth’ for even an old man.

’Living water’ even as we must fetch it from the well daily.

‘Living bread’ even when we need a generous boy’s lunch.

A life ‘above’ even when our feet stay on fallen earth.

Maybe God will give him another fifty years. But the years he has left, many or few, will be filled with challenges, fears, questions, pains, and problems. He lives on earth!