3,120 Hours

“Paul taught daily from 11 am to 4 pm” this is found in the ‘Western Text’ of Act 19.9. It is not part of the original text of the Bible and does not appear in any of our translations. Yet, many scholars think this ‘scribal gloss’ is an accurate record of what actually happened. Thus, while most of Ephesus enjoyed their afternoon siesta during the heat of the day, Tyrannus rented out his hall to the Christians. And Paul taught the Word of God for 3,120 hours. (No days off or Thailand trips!) That is more hours than my seminary program. There are no ‘short cuts’ to true discipleship. It might take just ’30 Seconds’ to make you a ‘Manager.’ ‘Cliff Notes’ might get you a passing grade on your literature exam. And ‘Theology for Dummies’ might help you squeak through an ordination exam. But maturity in Jesus is a life sentence. And the diligent study of Scripture is the core requirement.