Devotion and Declaration in our Church Music

I want to share some ideas about “theology” and song selection. My ideal is that our songs are balanced between declaration and devotion.

Devotion is our repentance, adoration, commitment, praise, exaltation of Him.

Declaration is teaching the facts of the Gospel. Who is God, and What has He done? “Great is thy Faithfulness” declares what He has done and is doing in terms of faithful provision. “You’re my friend and you are my brother, even though you are a King” is a great declaration line.

3 C's of Communion

1. Confession: Christ has Died
2. Celebration: Christ is Risen
3. Commission: Christ will Come Again

The Church of Jesus has been remembering Him in the Lord’s Supper/Eucharist/Communion for nearly two thousand years. There are many traditions and rituals that have developed among the global church.