Concert of Prayer Format


* Short prayers of praise and thanks offered spontaneously from the group.


* Brief teaching on the importance of united prayer.

* People break into small groups and commit themselves to God.


* Individuals come to the mic to confess sins on behalf of the people.

* Silent prayers of confession.

* Song of surrender and confession.

* Declaration of God's forgiveness and grace.

* Song of victory and praise.

Dear Celebration Recovery Graduates

Dear Celebration Recovery Graduates!

I have been praying for four years that a CR group would begin in BICF ZGC. So, your graduation gives me great joy!

Never have I been happier to write a letter to people I don't know! We leaders of BICF ZGC don't know who takes the CR courses we sponsor. We are happy you are courageous enough to work at your personal growth. Courageous!? Absolutely. The hours you have spent trying to grow on the inside have not been easy, I know. It is hard to be honest, open,  and transparent about the areas where we need to grow. Most people do not even try.

Good Marriages Need a Whole Church

Ask many Christian singles in Beijing today to describe how they feel about being single, and the responses you hear may surprise you. Many feel frustrated, confused, or even hopeless. They want to find a good Christian spouse, keep themselves pure, and honor God in the pursuit of marriage, yet things don't seem to be moving that direction, and it doesn't seem like it will change anytime soon. In short, they are suffering for Christ. That's not to say that they are being persecuted by the authorities, or afflicted with a disease (though it may seem like it to some), yet in choosing to pursue Biblical marriage, they are left with fewer choices of potential spouses, delaying sex (hopefully), and starting families much later.

Interviewing Perspective Church Members...

Dear Partners in the Gospel,

On behalf of the Elders I want to thank you for your help in our Membership process during both English morning services on the next 2 Sundays, November 27 and December 4. Indeed we are first and foremost partners in the Gospel. By His great mercy our Lord Jesus has given us life and salvation! And this is the fundamental point I urge you to focus on as you help us grow His body at ZGC. At the end of each of the four meetings we will break into small groups. The number of groups will be determined by how many of us are available. And, the depth of knowing the people will be greater the more groups we have! So please try to come.

Life and Work of the Pastor: Case Studies

There are five case studies presented below. You are required to write about three of them, according to your choice. For each case study you must do the following:

Select several relevant passages from Paul's writings that address each issue. Your discussion of these relevant Scriptural passages should include both interpretation and application comments.

Interpretive comments should consider the context, theme, word meanings, structure of the grammar, etc. of the chosen passages.

Application comments should be specific and relevant insights that would be convincing and clear to your friend.

Membership in the International Church

Reflections for the BICF Leaders


As a new pastor in the BICF I am trying to understand Membership here. As in any church, there are obvious advantages to having a membership.

1. It allows a person to express their adherence to the local church.

2. It allows the leaders to know who are their most loyal followers.

3. It provides a pool of more committed people to enlist in ministry leadership.

Having served as a pastor in an international church for some time, I have found there are also some negatives to membership in an International Church (IC).