Questions from Ephesians for Personal / Corporate Reflection

1. Do I really know God’s Son, the Lord Jesus, as Savior?

2. Am I growing in my relationship with Him? What are the evidences of this knowledge and growth?

3. Do I know there is no limit to His love for me? Or do I doubt whether He even cares?

4. Do I question God’s wisdom? Or do I have confidence to rest in His sovereign plan?

5. Do I believe He has all power and gladly submit to Him?

6. Am I striving to submit to His Lordship in every area of my life; especially in marriage, with children, my work, and in all my contacts with the world?

7. Am I happy to be part of the Body of Christ - joined eternally with all those who love the Lord?

8. Am I actively doing all I can to maintain the unity of the Church in general, and ICF in particular?

9. What specific changes must I now put into place because God has spoken to me through the book of Ephesians; in my walk with God, in my family, in my work, in all my contacts with unbelievers, and my involvement at ICF?

10. When will I do my part to implement these changes? Who will I ask to hold me accountable in my efforts?