3 C's of Communion

1. Confession: Christ has Died
2. Celebration: Christ is Risen
3. Commission: Christ will Come Again

The Church of Jesus has been remembering Him in the Lord’s Supper/Eucharist/Communion for nearly two thousand years. There are many traditions and rituals that have developed among the global church.

I have had the privilege of remembering Jesus in the bread and cup in many nations and denominations. It is beautiful to see how this Gospel truth is celebrated in different cultures. All of them are mere “dress rehearsals” for the wedding supper we will enjoy with Him and His whole church.

At the risk of being too simple, may I suggest we approach His table with three main ideas;

First, Confession.

Jesus died for us! We are the guilty party. He left the glories of heaven, became man, lived and died, for us! - all because we are sinners that need a Savior. Without Him we are lost.

Second, Celebration.

He is no longer dead! He has risen from the grave as reliable witnesses have confirmed. He has ascended and been exalted to the highest place. He has sent His Holy Spirit to us.

Third, Commission.

Jesus will come again! We want to be found ready. We want our church and our world to be ready - to repent, believe, and enjoy His fellowship now. This is a “meal on the march.”